Works and Processes


2012-2014 series of interviews in Athens and Madrid with, among others:
ATA collective (Athens), performance group Elanadistikanoume (Athens), Diagonal (independent magazine, Madrid), María del Prado Esteban (feminism theory, Madrid), members of 15M-movement, Madrid, members of IEMM (Instituto de Estudios Migratorios Mediterraneos), other self-organized radio and media collectives in Athens, Madrid, Rome

Lectures and Debates

Lecture by Zampeta Papadodima “Movilizaciones populares en tiempo de crisis: Argentina, Grecia y España” (“Social Movement in times of Crisis: Argentina, Greece and Spain”) – 16.10.2012 at CSO, Social Center of Mostoles, Madrid, Language: Spanish; 04.03.2013 Radio Broadcast with the Athenian Radio Station 98fm, Language: Greek

Open discussion with several media collectives about “Audio-visual media as a tool for counter information and self-education” – 05.10.2013 at Social Centre, Piraeus, Athens; 23.10.2013 at Local Magdalena, Madrid

Lecture by Zampeta Papadodima at „International Conference on Enhancing the Skills and Identity of Cultural Mediators in a multicultural Europe“, Hellenic Open University, Patras,


With Elanadistikanoume, Panagiotis Andronikidis and PassTRESpass – sight specific improvisation and dance as interventionist action – video documentation and performance 15.09.2021 at Anti-Racist Festival in Corinth; 22.09.2012 at Embros Theatre in Athens

With Voula Germanakou Kopsini, Elena Friedrich: “Perama” – 30 Min., serie of interviews and film research about fascism and anti-fascist resistance examplified with the case of Greece. A short view back into history of Modern Greece narrated through the mirror of Perama, a suburb of Piraus, Athens. 2013/14

With Aron Sekelj, Maria Vogt, Elena Friedrich: „Violence is to earn 600 Euros“ – 15 Min., video based on the material collected on the visual research in Athens, Madrid and Istanbul between 2013-14, tracing back the tags and writings as signs of resistance and explores the possibilities of a mapping the cities´ landscapes into a filmic space.

With Noemi Iglesias Barrio, Elena Friedrich: „La reina de Patision 21/1-4“ – performance series and video in Athens, Crete and Langreo (Spain), 2011-2013

Presentations and Publications

„Mapping the Now Here – Cartographies of Resistance“ – Exhibition and Screening, 18.12.2014 at Galerie 21, Hamburg, Germany

Publication: „Notes of a cartography of resistance“, ed. med.ea collective, 2014

Exploring: Representations of political struggles in contemporary documentaries, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 14.-24.3.2014