med.ea collective

MED.EA COLLECTIVE is an open group of researchers, artists and activist concerned with realising inter-disciplinary research projects in the geopolitical zone of Europe and the Mediterranean. It is a collaborative space for critical audiovisual research on politics, which explores also the methods, forms and means of visual arts and research. The group is founded by Zampeta Papadodima, Janine Jembere, Elena Friedrich (2011-14). 

VISUAL ARTS & CRITICAL RESEARCH & POLITICS The projects functions as a laboratory of analysis among colleagues who use documentary production as a bridge for interpretation, to connect practice, disciplines, geographic contexts and time. It is a space for critical discussion and knowledge sharing, through which ideas migrate and influence each other.

MED ZONE The Mediterranean is as a region of a multitude of trans-cultural constellations. The processes of transformations of the last 15 years, in particular since the widely spread civil engagement, forces us to re-think about the political paradigms that constitute the regional integration on economic, social and cultural levels. The spaces of socio-political dialogue and activism emerging in that context constitute the background of the collective’s initiative. Through our activities we seek to connect these spaces and produce a diverse network which transgress the limitation of disciplines and political spaces.