18th December 2014: Exhibition & Screening of „Mapping the Now Here – Cartographies of Resistance“, Hamburg/Germany

Med.ea Collective invites you to our first exhibition and screening of “Mapping the Now Here – Cartographies of Resistance” on the 18th of December 2014, 6pm at the Galerie 21 in Hamburg, Germany. We will present to you the main results of our project that were realized in collaboration with many partners and supporters from different countries. It includes the first screening of films produced during the project and the presentation of the book “Notes of a cartography of resistance”.

Exhibition & Screening
“Mapping the Now Here – Cartographies of Resistance”
by Med.ea Collective

18th December 2014, 6 pm
Galerie 21 – Im Vorwerkstift, Vorwerkstraße 21

Free entry

2_Antenne Athen (1024x683)

“The idea is the first thing that travels. Then the bodies, destined to change their physical space, willing to learn and relearn, exchange within a context of conflict and coexistence. It is then when the foundations of the state tremble, the time when the national inevitably is transformed.“

3_Istanbul Hausbesetzung

„Wir müssen nicht mehr die Realität gegenüber der großen Idee, der großen Illusion behaupten. Inmitten der Realität, die uns permanent daran erinnert, dass fast alles nicht mehr möglich ist, behaupten wir Illusionen, die doch Möglichkeiten sind und keine bloßen Ideen.“

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